Below are boards produced for a sister Census spot.

Census. Produced at Digital Kitchen New York.

We were charged with the concept of bringing a community to life through the visual works of one muralist. After collaborating on the storytelling abilities within a 30 second time frame, we decided we would shoot all the live action plates and paint the entire contents of the mural frame by frame. 15 days, 250 paintings, and 25 coffee runs later, we had a living mural.
Directors: Bryce Wymer and Rama Allen.

Designers: Bryce Wymer and Rama Allen.

Editor: Ryan McKenna.
Executive Producer: Abbe Daniel.

Senior Producer: Danielle Amaral.

Line Producer: Dawn Rose.

VFX Supervisor: Arman Matin and Josh Laurence.
Lead Compositor: Josh Laurence
Artists: Bryce Wymer Augenblick Studios, Matt Morris, Isaac Orloff, Michael Marsicano, Soo Jin Chung, Chris Carboni, Zack Mason.
DP: Martin Ahlgren.

Animators: Bryce Wymer, Chris Carboni, Augenblick Studios
Production Coordinator: Bobby McDonald
Internal Cut Music: Dirty Little Jazz Ditty by Take

Agency: Globalhue